DATATATA International Conference Focused on Data and Fine Art

organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology

April 12, 2019, FaVU VUT, Údolní 53, Brno,

Conference Datatata aims to discuss a wide range of questions about how the artistic practise is affected by contemporary phenomena of massive data collecting and data interpretation.

Conference sections:

● Datatata – data from the perspective of the machine

● Data + 2ta – data from the perspective of humans

● – data in art


Lukáš Likavčan, Paul Heinicker Twin Earth: Planetary Models, Operational Images and Non-Human Archeology (online contribution)

Jakub Kopec Arizona Incident – Introduction to Simple, Complicated and Complex Systems on Example of one Event

Lenka Hámošová & Pavol Rusnak How Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Changed the Way We Look on the World, or the Necessity of Visual Scepticism in the Post-truth Era

Jana Horáková + Jakub Bajzik, Pavel Sikora Deep Learning from Vasulkas Video Archive

Katharina Klappheck Data and Algorithms a Queer Love Story? Queer Post Human Perspectives on Data-algorithm

Vladan Joler Exploitation Forensics (online contribution)

Wesley Goatley A Promise and a Strategy: Transparency, Spectacle, and Critical Data Aesthetics (online contribution)

Markéta Dolejšová Digesting the Data: A Three-course Speculation about Possible Food-Tech Futures

Tomáš Javůrek The Uselessness of Big Brother

Luba Elliott Machine Learning and Data in Contemporary Art Practice

Palo Fabuš Artificial Affirmation: Common Sense to the ‚Nth‘ Power

Robert Sakrowski Curating and Archiving the Digital

Jiří Suchánek Atomic Sonification and Aspects of ‚Data-Listening‘

Accompanying program:

– short intervations during the conference day performed by the group Handy Art (Karolína Kohoutková, Jana Rémanová, Hana Magdoňová, Adéla Venturová, Barbora Smékalová, Karolína Tomanová, Sára Wollash)

– concert of electronic music Jiří Suchánek CZ and AVA collective with Miri Kat UK/IR

The conference Datatata is one of the outputs of the project Decentralized Big Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization and Interpretation in Art Practice, which is supported by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.